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Earthing (Grounding) Products & Services

We are pleased to present some of our world class Electrical Earthing / Grounding Products and Services.


Apart from supply of earthing materials we can also assist in designing, auditing, repair and upgrading of Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.

AIMMS Bentonite


AIMS BENTONITE provides an effective solution for Electrical Grounding (Earthing) where certain soil conditions make it difficult to obtain a reliable earth resistance, for example sandy areas or rocky terrain.

Apart from standard buildings particular installations, like IT infrastructure, telecommunications equipment, Oil & Gas industry etc. may require very low Earthing Resistance values.

These required values are very hard to achieve just with native soil without AIMS BENTONITE. Using AIMS BENTONITE reduces the amount of Copper electrode required as well as providing reliable Earthing Resistance Values, thus resulting in an overall reduced cost of the project.


Being a mineral AIMS BENTONITE is environmentally safe and does not pose health risks under normal conditions of use. It is non-corrosive in nature and hence does not effect the copper electrodes.


It has highly consistent, reliable and extremely good electrical properties that make it ideal for Electrical Earthing / Grounding applications.


Download our brochure here.

Services for Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems


We Design and Install Electrical Earthing / Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems. We also do audit, safety survey and rectification of existing Electrical Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems.


You can get us involved at the design stage to reduce your overall costs. We can assist in designing, scoping and installation of the Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.


For existing systems, our highly trained staff can provide you with a complete electrical grounding audit and grounding safety survey. This can reduce the probability of injury, lost time and loss of revenue caused by equipment and infrastructure damages as a result of static discharge, main AC power ground fault currents, lightning strikes etc.


Remember that Lightning Strikes seriously injure and kill people. And your Lightning Protection system is connected to the Earthing System. So no matter how good your Lightning Protection equipment is, if you have a faulty Earthing / Grounding System then the reliability and performance of your whole system is compromised.


Contact us today to get solutions for your Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.


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