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Industrial Services

​​Some of the industrial solutions that we provide and can assist your business with are listed below. This is one of the biggest parts of our portfolio so please take the time to review them all. Please feel free to contact us for any other requirement that might not be listed below.

Project Management

We can assist you in installation of new machines and equipment, transferring/moving factories and coordination of your manufacturing project and its implementation.


Process & Productivity Improvement​

Let us help you streamline your production process and find savings through process improvements.

We are not just any other consultant, we believe in having a hands-on approach to our work to provide true value to our clients.

Maintenance Management System

We can develop a complete maintenance management system for your particular operation and equipment. This is ideal for organisations (large and small) that have their own maintenance staff and structure, but need a system to manage, schedule and streamline their activities.

After analysing your equipment we can derive preventive maintenance strategies, asset management policies, critical spare analysis, store management, contractor management requirements etc.

Asset Management Plans

If you do not want a complete maintenance management system we can also develop a complete Asset Management Plan for a single piece of machinery or equipment that you might consider critical for your operations.

This would include development of Preventive Maintenance Strategies (PM Development), critical spares list, operator asset care, contractor management etc.


QHSE Management System

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

We also provide practical and hands-on advice on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Management Systems. Whether it be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or AS4801 or your maintenance management system as mentioned above, give us a call and you will be pleased with the service we can provide.

We can also conduct an independent gap analysis on your systems to help you improve and streamline them. We can also advise you on combining your ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems into one Management System to reduce your paperwork and administration worries.​

We can also install a completely new CMMS that is user friendly and helps you control your maintenance activities in an efficient manner.

Generate work orders, PM plans, Associated Parts Lists (APLs), spares and store controls, measure readings, set-up alerts etc. It can be as simple and as elaborate as you want.


Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Let us assist you with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of major failure of your critical equipment or repeated failure of a certain piece of equipment.

CMMS Data Analysis

If you already have a CMMS that you are happy with, we can help you conduct data analysis to identify your highest cost, highest maintenance or most worked equipments.

We can also run and manage your CMMS taking your scheduling and managing headaches away.

Automotive Aerospace Industrial Mining & Marine Solutions

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 Cryogenic Material Treatment | Fein Power Tools | Wear Parts for Crushing, Mining & Metal Recycling Industries |
Electrical Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems | High Precision Manufacturing Solutions
QSHE and Maintenance Management Systems| Process & Productivity Improvements | Project Management
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