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Building Materials & Services

We are pleased to present some of our products and services for the Building and Construction Industry.


We supply world class Electrical Earthing / Grounding Products and Services. Apart from supply of earthing materials we can also assist in designing, auditing, repair and upgrading of Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.


We have also successfully executed a number of projects to backfill HV, MV and LV Cable conduits with appropriate Bentonite mixture to meet safety and regulatory requirements.

Backfilling of Cable Conduits

HV, MV and LV cables need their conduits backfilled by appropriate mix of Bentonite to protect against hot spots, fire and damage by small rodents.


We have successfully executed a number of projects in the UAE to backfill cable conduits. In all cases, the main client was a government entity.


Contact us for your requirements to backfill and seal cable conduits.

General Supply of Materials

We also supply a number of Contracting companies with Earthing Materials, Electrical Fittings, Conduits, Switchgear, Light Fixtures, Tools and various other items as required.

Automotive Aerospace Industrial Mining & Marine Solutions

(t/a A I M S Equipment & Building Materials Trading)

 Cryogenic Material Treatment | Fein Power Tools | Wear Parts for Crushing, Mining & Metal Recycling Industries |
Electrical Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems | High Precision Manufacturing Solutions
QSHE and Maintenance Management Systems| Process & Productivity Improvements | Project Management
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