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The First Cryogenic Material Treatment facility in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


What is Cryogenic Material Processing:

Deep Cryogenic Treatment involves freezing the material to -310°F. This gives a more uniform material with better physical properties than conventionally heat treated material, or un-treated materials.

Benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment:

  1. Stress Relief & Stabilization

  2. Abrasive Wear Resistance

  3. Heat Transmissivity

  4. Corrosion Inhibition

  5. Cyclic Loading / Fatigue Enhancement

  6. Increased Machinability

Industries Served:

  • High Performance Vehicles & Bikes

  • Diverse range of Manufacturing Companies

  • Precision Manufacturing / Machining Industries

  • Dies & Moulds

  • Industrial Maintenance

  • Fleet Operators / Transport Companies

  • Marine Engineering Industries

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Defence & Aerospace Industries

  • Sporting Equipments

  • Musical Instruments and many more

What can you treat?

Basically any wear part can benefit from our process.

We treat brake discs/rotors, rings, pistons, engines, cams, cam shafts, valve springs, gears, pinions, bearings, springs, cutters, knives, cutting tools, drills, end mills, ball nose end mills, chain saws, tapping/threading tools, thread gauges, blades, hacksaw and band-saw blades, pump parts, bike chains, gun barrels, precision machined parts, production tooling like dies, moulds, chasers, strings for musical instruments and a whole lot more.

Please contact us to discuss your particular application.


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